Using a travel agent to organize your holidays is not essential but can prove to be a fundamental help. With the evolution of technology, more and more people decide to book their travels online independently.

From the flight, to the hotel, to the rental of a car: everything is just a click away.But how much time do you spend analyzing prices, reading the reviews of other users and comparing the various offers before arriving at the final decision? The answer is a lot. Consequently, instead of leaving in all serenity, you start with a good dose of stress behind you, which can increase when any unpleasant surprises arise along the way.

So, why not rely on an expert in the sector, who takes care of everything, creating tailor-made proposals and following you step by step in the experience? The only thought you will have will be to pack your bags, fasten your seat belt and set off on your adventure! Now let’s find out what are the advantages of putting aside the modern ‘do it yourself’ to go back to a more ‘traditional’ way to book your holidays.


A travel agent is like a good friend: loyal and present, he (or, of course, she) always wants what is best for you. He accompanies you in every phase: before, during and after your experience.

He is the one who gives you advice and makes himself available to search among the countless existing proposals for the one that best suits you and your needs, building tailor-made holidays; solves any problems and unexpected events that may arise along the travel (such as the sudden cancellation of a flight), practically in real time; assumes most of the responsibilities until your return and relies on suppliers who can guarantee you a holiday that lives up to your initial expectations. In a few words, your well-being is his primary concern!


The travel agent can access offers and discounts visible only to him, allowing you to save not only time and energies, but also money. It may seem a nonsense, since relying on an agency means paying the relative commissions: however, it has direct contacts with various structures, airlines and tour operators, and collaborating with them has access to exclusive discounts and competitive prices not available to the public dedicated to the ‘do it yourself’ booking.

Furthermore, our agent is a ‘cutting edge’ professional: not only does he know the most popular destinations of the moment, but he could also offer experiences that you didn’t even know existed.

And so, who knows, you could start with a precise idea of your vacation, and then completely upset it after having confronted him. In conclusion, if you want to enjoy a carefree experience, you want to save time and money, and build unforgettable and, perhaps, unexpected memories, the advice is to rely on a travel agent!

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