Engagement season has arrived, finally the ring has been put on the finger and… now?After the initial enthusiasm for having reached another step in your relationship as a couple, you already begin to think about everything you will need to make the happiest day of your life perfect.

Drawing up the guest list, finding the perfect location, ordering the cake, buying the wedding dress, and a thousand other thoughts whirl through your head and risk making you spend sleepless nights.If you think there is no way out and that a nervous breakdown is just around the corner, take a sigh of relief and relax: by choosing a destination wedding you will sleep soundly and turn your special day into an incredible adventure!


The destination wedding was born in the United States and has become a widespread trend all over the world. More and more people decide to fulfil their dream of love by combining ceremony and honeymoon in a single experience lived close to home or, why not, in a resort located in an exotic location or sailing the seas aboard a cruise.If we have piqued your curiosity, continue reading to discover all the advantages represented by this peculiar solution.


Do you know those films in which the mother of the bride decides to entirely take care of the organization of her daughter’s wedding? Well, by choosing a destination wedding this will not happen. In fact, many resorts and cruise lines provide an expert in the sector who works full-time to create complete packages of everything you need, relieving future newlyweds from the burden of organization.And even if you decide not to get married in a resort, you can still rely on a wedding planner and, only if the organization doesn’t scare you, take care of it by yourself.


When organizing a traditional wedding it is not difficult to draw up lists consisting of hundreds of guests, being careful not to forget any relatives or friends to avoid unpleasant repercussions. Try to imagine telling all these people that the wedding will not end in a few hours and will not take place nearby, but that they will have to be available for several days and move to a different destination: I can assure you that the list of people willing to do it will decrease, and you will be able to experience a more intimate wedding, in the company of only the most loved ones. For this reason, the destination wedding could be an excellent plan for those who are not at their first wedding and want to live a more peaceful experience, perhaps even capable of bringing the families of the future couple closer.


The destination wedding allows you to combine the actual ceremony with the honeymoon in a unique event where you can organize excursions, brunches, dinners, trips and endless other activities to enjoy it in the company of your future spouse and your loved ones. Sometimes for the paperwork it is required to arrive at the destination a few days before and so you can start to have fun even before the big event.


At this point you might think: “It’s all so beautiful that it will surely cost a fortune!”. Well, that’s not the case: just reducing the guest list will lead you to save considerably, and will allow you to get married in a breathtaking paradise at the cost of a few thousand dollars, all inclusive. If we consider that a traditional wedding can cost more than $ 100,000, that’s great news, isn’t it?

Snow-capped peaks or crystal-clear waters and golden beaches; long skiing and hot chocolate or relaxing swims and cocktails drunk while lying comfortably on the sunbed: there is no limit to the imagination! Choose the destination that best represents you, and let yourself be carried away by this adventure thatwill make your wedding stress-free and truly unforgettable.

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